Toss that humdrum zombie rock into the pig barrel. 
WICKED SIX has arrived and is here to serve you a fresh plate of Rock N Roll with a side dish of perspective. Be certain to clean the wax out of your ears and have access to an eye-washing station to prepare yourself for the unparalleled auditory and eye-opening act that is the WICKED SIX experience.

Comprised of a cast of ‘been-there-done-that-and-now-doing-it-better-than-ever’s, Boston based WICKED SIX have channeled the spirit of some of the greatest rock musicians who have since passed on, as well as those still miraculously kicking.. Imagine Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, and Neil Young melded into a chisel edged blade. The collaboration is the brain child of lead guitarist and producer Joe Gonsalves, an international session player featured on albums currently charting worldwide. Now he has merged creative minds with fellow  ‘not-your-average-Joe’ songwriter Joe Olivier for the lyrical and lead vocal impact that bubbles over from his solo release Television Voo Doo and Other Space Junk. On drums is the phenomenal heavy hitter Gil Santos, who has toured nationally with Blind Rhino and Witchdoctor Samuel – selling 35,000 albums overseas while being featured in Billboard and Hit Parader magazines.  Also WICKED are bass boss Bruce Moniz, who's collaborated with Joe Gonsalves on a handful of projects, and classical turned rhythm guitarist Mark Thibodeau, who’s been tearing up the scene with several bands over the years. These five standouts would like to employ YOU as the sixth.

A first listen to their self-titled debut album will propel you into a time-warp without the need of a flux capacitor since it's energized with unobtanium. It kicks you in the teeth, yanks any remnants up from the roots, Novocain’s you up after the fact, and surgically implants you a new grille so your left with a white clean smile. No worries though, as your ears will stay intact. Tunes like This Is My Role and Bump In the Road are a shout out to the men and women that get their hands dirty and do what needs to be done. We’re talking about the folks that scrape the floaters from the grilles of the sewers, those who plunge snakes and squirrels out from porcelain bowls, the bottom wipers, the bro’s and mo’s that pick things up and put them down, the pile-drivers with their induced vibratos, and the rest that go beyond the beyonds. WICKED SIX pulls no punches with songs such as Partisan Foolery , Sheep Circus, and Pundits and Lemmings – all of which are their own taunting display of the middle finger directed at the out-of-touch tool-bags in suits who continue to chip away at the foundation of our country while pointing fingers as they wriggle from their attached strings. Meanwhile, the burdens of present day members of the Head-in-a-Vice Club and their tales of internal conflict and atypical relationship quagmires are expressed through the lyrical grievances of Time , The One, Now That It’s Over, and the prickly Patience Edge. To fancy your fantasy, fans of George R.R. Martin and the HBO television series Game Of Thrones may ‘lose their head’ over the captivating ballad Don’t Feed Me to the Wolves. Also in ballad form is the vibrant Kara; the very first lyrical tale of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder double lament. An unsuspecting shift in gears - With Earth bemoans one’s inner battle with faith and spirituality accompanied with Zeppelinesque acoustic tones and several rousing punches to the gut. Bringing your blood pressure back down is the sole acoustic tune No Empathy, a new spin on the plight of those who serve and the treatment they receive upon their return, as seen through the eyes of a Vietnam Vet. Packed with a baker’s dozen of canorous sermons, there’s something for everyone in this lock stock and barrel debut.

Joe Gonsalves - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Wicked Six founder, lead-guitarist and producer, Joe Gonsalves has been a session player for both local and international recording artists, and has performed on albums currently charting worldwide. He's a multi-instrumentalist studio owner that has recorded, produced, edited, and mixed albums and scores for over 20 years, including the PBS aired documentary RACE and the debut album of Wicked Six. Joe has also performed with numerous live acts such as Flight, Rage, Chalice, Fiveworks and Pleasure O'Rily.
Gil Santos - Drums

Kicking cans and smashing pies for over three decades, Gil has a plethora of experience opening for acts such as Atomic Opera and Nuclear Assualt, and later headlining shows while touring with the likes of Blind Rhino and Witchdoctor Samuel. While shredding sticks with Witchdoctor, he was featured in both Hit Parader and Billboard magazines. Gil has also played drums for numerous bands of varying genres, such as the Tri-County Symphonic band as well as the highly successful rock cover band Large Marge from the Northeast.
Joe Olivier - Lead Vocals
For 20 years, Joe Olivier has been writing, recording and performing original and cover tunes in the Northeast as a guitarist and lead vocalist for various bands and solo acts. Beginning his career as the front man for the rock cover band The Mighty Heroes, he later transitioned into the acoustic arena realm as one half of the Carl and Joe duo. In 2006 he released his debut solo album Television Voo Doo and Other Space Junk, an ear-opening smorgasbord influenced by pop culture and the styles of folk, rock, rap and alternative rock, which still sells online through Itunes and Amazon to this day.