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  1. No Empathy


Tripping on a wire that was meant to do so,
a bamboo whips across my chest,
now they're screaming at me
as I'm bleeding with the rest.

Medics modernize the missing time,
One says, 'Stop that cryin,
your Captain's dyin, and I aint lyin,
that you will too if you don't break that rogue'

So I've broken that rogue while matching the rest.
The chins now up, and I've still got my heart.

It's when you feel all alone.
Oh they think your a disgrace.

'Welcome home you killer' they say to me,
but I ain't killed a damselfly,
only got one eye, so it's your bias
I fail to see.

Buddy's at the corner and he's having a hard tiiiiime,
he rolls around dealing with two different worlds,
living on a dime, and I can't help.

Why don't they take care of their own?
They've got no empathy.

I'm up here lecturing about them Tonkin tales
with domino theories and the Commie bales,
to all the people here that don't need
a scheme to convince.

But what they really need is a hand,
not this copper token and a single days praise!
Why don't they take care of their own?
Oh, they've got no empathy.

(C) 2015 - WICKED SIX - LOC