The pundits and the lemmings,
and ideologues with their sheep.
Adherents and tax vacuums,
the fornicators always sleep, yeah.

The cravens in their chambers call each other black
and hence they resolve nothing at all (nothing),
The minions know their voice is buried below the greens, but they
go through the motions in the hall.

Crusaders and the raiders that pillage all the assets, and send it all ashore where it's quite secure, they
board propagandist pirate ships.
The banksters and their barons that live the street are scheming to pull the rug below our feet, yet
they blame us for our saving dips.
All the ones that claim that they work for us are playing out charades with their blue blood jokes and they're lying through their yellow teeth.

Construction of more and more revolving doors,
They lead to rooms of spin the most dizzying, and....
seeing through the muddy waters beyond the smoke and mirrors
is the fearless battle with no end!

(C) 2015 - WICKED SIX - LOC