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  1. Partisan Foolery


Corporate think tank collusion,
creating laws of delusion
and sucking up remain-ing yields of wealth,
the bait and switch that compromise our health.

Partisan foolery, public self-servantry
Legalized bribery, oxymoronic named laws.

Many of our supposed leaders encourage financial trickery and the gutting of businesses for short-term profit. These agendas trump scientific innovations while enabling the fostering of an overly complex tax and regulatory system.

Too big to fail, tax payer bail , fly off the rail, bill's in the mail, this can't be?
Gamble all your funds, empty 401's , liquidate the bums, pardon all the puns, don't you see?
Blame it on the Crips, blame it on the bloods, blame it on the goons, blame it on the thugs, don't blame me!
Blogger is a hack, hominem attack, nothings ever fact, what a frigging jack, cuz they're always
painting the canvas with a broad brush.

The Citizens United decision has further undermined our democracy with the creation of dark-money groups whose capital influence have drowned out the voice of the real citizens and have further enabled corporate power.

The cameras should be turned on them.
It's time to reveal how we will roll.

Partisan foolery, secret skulduggery.
Anti-trust mockery, oxymoronic named laws.

Lack of jail time retribution
encourage more violations.
Accountability epic fail.

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