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  1. Sheep Circus


Welcome to the herd!
Leave your freedom at the door.

Step inside.
Right this way.
Gather 'round
to see the clowns!
You've all been invited again to see.....

the greatest farce on earth!
Behind the curtain it's more of the same.

This is the time and place, for those who have no place.
Arrested helpers face, elitist laws of disgra-ace,
who ride on low moral ground.

Here we go, next in show, media pits each bro on bro,
viewer search, that brand works, and now they're looking for you!
ooooh ooooh hoooooo

And now it is time to relieve myself.
This has all has gotten out of hand.
Now it is time to reprieve yourself.
Before the flock comes.

Come walk the high wire,
Don't ever look down,
What makes you think we'll trick you again?
<Evil Laugh>

I've fallen through . . ohohohoh ( come on get up....let's go.....come on....come on)
That net is you! ( come on ....up....up.....they haven't sucked you in yet....come on)
Let me go now! ohohoh (come on .... wake up ... wake up ....before it's too late...come on)
I'm gonna pipe you! (come on ....let's go ....nowwwww!......hurry!)

Mirror mirror everywhere!
I can't figure if I'm fat or I'm thin, is this real or a spin
on a wheel with a wooden horse on a pole!
Where's the man with the staff and the herd?

Show me the way!